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Elections and Voting

How do I register to vote? ...and more

Voter Information

For information about candidates in the upcoming September 4th state and federal primary election see the LWV of Massachusetts Voter Guide.

For information about upcoming elections and town meetings, registering to vote in Sudbury, early voting and obtaining absentee ballots, please see the Sudbury Town Clerk's webpage.

How to vote for a write-in candidate

The Sudbury Town Clerk offers this information on how to vote for a write-in candidate:

Votes for Write-In Candidates or sticker votes should include the correct name and address of the candidates. However, courts have ruled that a vote should be counted whenever the intent of the voter can reasonably be determined, even if a voter omits the candidate's address or makes a mistake in the name or address. If the intent of the voter can be determined with reasonable certainty from an inspection of the ballot, in the light of the generally known conditions attendant upon the election, effect must be given to that intent. This includes where a voter fails to complete the oval next to the write-in space--the write-in vote will still be counted.

If you have any questions, please call the Town Clerk's Office at 978-639-3351 or email at