Making Democracy Work

2018 Town Election Guide


Each year, the League of Women Voters of Sudbury compiles this voters' guide to the local elections, in conjunction with the Sudbury Town Crier, as a service to voters.

The League sent questionnaires to all town and school committee candidates whose names were provided by the Town Clerk and to candidates who declared their intention to run as write-in candidates.

The League asked candidates to answer this question: What are the first two issues you would address if elected, and how would you address them? The candidates were asked to limit their responses to 100 words, and the responses in this guide are as the candidates wrote them.

You can also watch the Candidates' Night forum held March 5. That program will be rebroadcast frequently until the election on cable channels 8 and 31 and is also available online as a video on demand at

The town election is Monday, March 26, and polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Precincts 1, 1A, 2 and 5 vote at the Fairbank Community Center. Precincts 3 and 4 vote at Town Hall.

One candidate in the race for two seats on the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional school committee withdrew, leaving one candidate in that race. Three people subsequently declared their intentions with the Town Clerks to run as write-in candidates for the school committee, and their responses are included below. Other people may choose to conduct write-in campaigns.

Board of Selectmen

(Three-year term, vote for two)

Daniel E. Carty Address: Stonebrook Road Occupation: Senior Manager, process improvement, Quest Diagnostics

Upon reelection I will first continue what I have started; collaboratively looking for efficiency gains across SPS, L-S, and the Town to guarantee sustained effectiveness for ALL students and the Capital committee I chair will deliver a long-term financing plan prior to Fall Town Meeting. Second I will fundamentally change how we manage projects. Five phases should be used but Sudbury historically only uses three + Initiate, Plan, and Execute. Two upcoming warrant articles asking to recoup long dormant unused project money highlight that we are missing Monitor and Close. Adding them will help ensure your tax dollars are best spent.

Janie Wilson Dretler Address: Goodman's Hill Road Occupation: Freelance photographer

As selectwoman I will pursue proactive action on our most urgent issues: Sudbury Station, Eversource, and public safety. We must continue to fight Sudbury Station and Eversource through litigation and advocacy. We must also move forward cost-effective plans for the Route 20 fire station to ensure essential, life-saving services for all residents.

Second, we must create a clear outline of priorities to inform where we spend our money and time. We can do this through ongoing community dialogue, benchmarking and best practice exploration, and a culture of continuous improvement throughout the capital and master planning process.

William Schineller Address: Jarman Road Occupation: Vice President, engineering, Black Duck Software

I value education, love Sudbury's outdoors, history, and community spirit. I want great schools to maximize potential of students of all abilities. I want thriving businesses along an attractive Boston Post Road, to ease our residential tax burden. I want spaces and services to keep all residents active, healthy, and safe as we age.

1) Eversource. If Town loses, Appeal! Present Governor Baker the Route 20 `win-win'. (Use my voice immediately. I am not an abutter.) 2) Fairbanks. Engage Permanent Building Committee for value engineering. As Selectman, I would serve the entire community. Visit Vote Bill, March 26.

Sudbury Public School Committee (K-8)

(Three-year term, vote for two)

Lisa V. Kouchakdjian Address: Meadowbrook Circle Occupation: Lawyer

The Sudbury School Committee must foster a collaborative atmosphere that motivates and inspires our students, teachers and community. Leadership needs to improve trust between the community and the School Committee. In seeking re-election to the Sudbury School Committee, I would like to continue (1) to strengthen in-district academic programs and provide teachers the supports they need to challenge all learners; and (2) to advocate for the development and implementation of changes to District Policy to require short and long-term planning, and to mandate the School Committee conduct yearly line by line assessment of the school budget.

Jennifer Jackson Address: Easy Street Occupation: Tutor, stay-at-home mom

If elected, the first two issues that I will address are:

Improving communication and encouraging an open dialogue among parents, staff, community members and administration, we have seen too many groups left alienated and frustrated over the past year. Issues such as preserving music education, the Odyssey trip, examining SED rental fees etc., should be handled in a way that makes the community feel part of the discussion - not marginalized.

Creating clear, easy to access budget - Confidence and trust are built when taxpayers understand where our money goes and demonstrate how it adheres to long-term planning and goals.

Silvia Nerssessian Address: Dutton Road Occupation: Finance, former school board chair

Through forward thinking leadership, I will help facilitate collaboration between the School Committee and Administration to strengthen the vision of the District. We must first set short and long term goals for the School Committee to support the strategic goals of the District - academic and financial. This will guide our budgeting process to ensure the highest quality of learning for our students.

Also extremely important to me is further enhancing the collaboration across all committees, and all cost centers in a unified way to honor our commitment not only to our schools but all residents and taxpayers of Sudbury.

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School Committee

(Three-year term, vote for two)

Carole Kasper Address: Concord Road, Lincoln Occupation: Management Consultant, trainer, facilitator

If elected to the L-S School Committee, I would prioritize relationship-building between the towns of Lincoln and Sudbury, and especially between the three school committees in our tri-district. Further, I would prioritize both physical and social safety for all students as well.

I would address both of these priority areas via iterative district strategic planning that includes a collective vision, our strategic performance areas, and the prioritized short-term and long-term tactics that best accomplish our plan. The plan would originate with our superintendent/principal, include input from faculty, staff, students, and community members, and be utilized to assess ongoing district performance.

Write-in Candidates:

Cara Endyke Doran Address: Beechwood Avenue, Sudbury Occupation: International health

If you want input, write in Cara Endyke Doran for LS School Committee. Increasing community engagement and strengthening strategic planning with aligned budgets are my two priorities. In preparing my platform, I have engaged in open conversations with the LSRHS community to determine the most pressing issues. I will continue these dialogues if elected. For example, community members have raised concerns over the recent loss of school programs and school safety. I will incorporate your concerns throughout the planning process and ensure our school budget reflects our values. Together, we can make the best decisions for LSRHS.

Siobhan Hullinger Address: Washington Drive, Sudbury Occupation: Parent/volunteer

Our greatest strength is our people and we are fortunate to have an incredible support system through our individual towns, the LSPO, administration, staff, our METCO partners as well as many dedicated hidden warriors. I will work to improve collaboration with these groups to address school safety while preserving an open campus feel, improve academic and social transitions, ensure a greater partnership with teacher and parent organizations, address issues related to changes in start times, and supporting the essential importance of our Music and Arts programs. Putting the words of each election season into action will require leaving protectionism behind.

Ellen Winer Joachim Address: Craig Lane, Sudbury Occupation: Attorney

I have three priorities:

  • Complete a safety review; solicit input from parents, students, and staff; collaborate with the Lincoln and Sudbury Police Departments to implement measures that meet current needs and standards.
  • Explore new avenues of collaboration between LS, SPS, and LPS to ease the transition from eighth to ninth grade, ensure students are well-prepared for LS, look for cost-sharing opportunities, and exchange best practices.
  • Address the logistical challenges and implement a later start time. The evidence is overwhelming -- a later start allows teens to sleep more, increases academic performance, and decreases depression, anxiety, athletic injuries, and car accidents.


(Three-year term, vote for one)

Elizabeth T. Quirk Address: Scotts Wood Drive Occupation: Attorney

One of the key functions of the Town Moderator is to encourage participation in Town Meeting by as many voters as possible. This year, babysitting will be available at the first night of Annual Town Meeting (May 7), which will allow parents of young children the chance to attend. As Moderator, I will work with the Board of Selectmen to raise awareness of Town Meeting issues, and also plan to work to demystify the Town Meeting process for newcomers, making it as user-friendly as possible within the confines of our bylaws.

Board of Assessors

(Three-year term, vote for one)

Joshua M. Fox Address: Brimstone Lane Occupation: Attorney

The Board of Assessors implements the Senior Means-Tested Real Estate Tax Exemption. The Board is required to conduct an asset review to determine whether applicants have "excessive assets that place them outside of the intended recipients." I will continue to implement this program as intended by our voters, and will ensure that our seniors are educated about the availability of this exemption.

Another important responsibility of the Board of Assessors is to review discretionary needs-based abatements. I will continue to ensure that our citizens most in need are granted discretionary abatements on a fundamentally fair basis.

Goodnow Library Trustee

(Three-year term, vote for two)

Lily Gordon Address: Dutton Road Occupation: Lawyer

As a lawyer and one who has been involved in the technology industry, I am committed to maintaining open access to information and preserving the rights of citizens as provided by the First Amendment. In times of rapid social, economic and political change, it is essential that libraries remain true to these values.

Technology brings both rewards and challenges. I look forward to providing the best services to meet the needs of all our patrons.

Marie D. Royea Address: Blacksmith Drive Occupation: Volunteer

The Goodnow Library continues to provide our community with valuable resources and unique programs relevant to our time. As our personal lives become more isolated and fragmented, a common meeting place offering shared experiences as well as many avenues for individual growth becomes compellingly more important. Funding and innovation are the two issues which require ongoing attention to safeguard and enhance this treasure of Sudbury.

It has been my privilege to serve as Library Trustee for the past three years and I would consider it an honor to be reaffirmed for that position.

Board of Health

(Three-year term, vote for one)

Linda M. Huet Address: Pine Ridge Road Occupation: Perioperative RN

Due to the state legalization of marijuana, we must now adapt to this change. A series of nonbiased forums would enable residents to address issues and voice concerns as they emerge prior to and following the initiation of retail sales slated to begin July 1st.

Emotional and behavioral health is extremely vital to the individual and the community in which one resides. Therefore, the Board of Health has actively employed a full time registered nurse and a licensed social worker in response to this need. Collectively, we must do more to promote the availability of these invaluable resources.

Sudbury Housing Authority

(Five-year term, vote for one)

Theresa M. Layden Address: Boston Post Road Occupation: Part-time receptionist

As an elected Housing Commissioner I can play a direct role in supporting affordable housing in our community. Before retiring I managed an affordable apartment complex of 156 units for 2 years and a second low income complex for another 2 years. My experience in affordable housing management and the time I have spent as an Associate member of the Housing Authority brings a practical set of skills to my role as an Affordable Housing Commissioner.

One of my first priorities is to promote our effort to get funding for future housing development from MassHousing Planning for Housing Production Program.

Park & Recreation Commission

(Three-year term, vote for two)

Robert C. Beagan Address: Pine Street Occupation: Software engineer

The first issue that I would continue to try and address is figuring out how we can address our playing field shortage while also figuring out how we can save funds for the replacement of our artificial turf playing fields.

The second issue that I would like to address is the need to take the great work of the Community Center Task Force and help to try and make a new Community Center in Sudbury a reality. Our existing structure at Fairbanks is failing, in a number of ways, and it is time to address it.

James J. Marotta Address: Goodman's Hill Road

Did not reply.

Planning Board

(Three-year term, vote for two)

Stephen Garvin Address: Bowditch Road Occupation: Civil engineer

If re-elected, I intend to continue my responsibilities as Chair and focus on the review of submissions before the board with an emphasis on the following issues:
1. Advancing the Town Master Plan to keep this vital process that the Town has prioritized on track.
2. Creating more opportunities for the Boards to meet and collaborate + allowing for efficiency in meeting for the public and the sharing of perspectives while increasing transparency. On both the Board and Chair level, members have met in 2017 and early 2018 to help facilitate more interaction and coordination between Boards.

Nancy Kilcoyne Address: Hickory Road Occupation: Self-employed

My primary focus as a recently-appointed Sudbury Planning Board member is to oversee responsible development, keeping it within the confines of Town bylaws, and to be respectful of identified goals of the Town.

I intend to contribute greatly to the updating of the Town's Master Plan, utilizing my varied background in planning, development, archaeology and editing at National Geographic, as well as my graduate degree in Urban Planning/ Real Estate Development.

I will encourage citizen engagement to enrich our valued strengths: High quality of life with access to nurtured and preserved natural and historical resources.

I appreciate your support.

(One-year term, vote for one)

Charles G. Karustis Address: Candlewood Circle Occupation: Consultant

I have served on the Planning Board since May 2018, and since then, have worked on a small sub-committee with town planning staff to develop the RFP for our new, comprehensive Master Plan. This document is an important planning resource for Sudbury over the next 10 years, and I look forward to assisting the Board and community with developing this plan. I also am the Planning Board representative on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Design Task Force, and again, am excited to help shape the development of this valuable community resource.