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The League of Women Voters of Sudbury is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. We influence public policy through education and advocacy.


The League of Women Voters of Sudbury will try a new approach to Candidates' Night for this spring's election for town offices and school committees.

Instead of a live forum at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, the League will record a separate forum for each contested race at the Sudbury TV studio. Candidates in uncontested races will have a chance to record a statement to voters.

All of these forums will then be shown as separate programs on Sudbury TV and be available as video-on-demand throughout the month of March. The election is Monday, March 30, and the deadline to register to vote in that election is March 10.

"We think this approach will allow more time for the candidates in each of the contested races to present themselves to the voters," said Nell Forgacs, voter service chair for the Sudbury League. "We will not be trying to squeeze panels for all the contested races, no matter how many candidates are involved, into one 90-minute live event. We can offer the candidates for each contested office ample time to address the issues."

"In the past, while our Candidates' Night was a popular program on Sudbury TV and the station's video-on-demand service, it drew a very small live audience. This format should make it easier for voters to get more complete information on the races," said Nancy Brumback, co-president of the Sudbury League.

The number of programs will depend on the number of contested races in the town election. The last day for candidates to file their intention to run is Feb. 6.

There will be 12 positions on the ballot: one member of the Board of Selectmen, two members of the Sudbury School Committee, two members of the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School Committee, two members of the Goodnow Library Trustees, and one member each of the Board of Assessors, the Board of Health, the Park and Recreation Commission, and the Planning Board. In addition to those three-year terms, there will be an opening for one member of the Planning Board to serve a one-year term to fill a vacancy.

The forums for the contested races will be taped on Saturday, Feb. 29, with a moderator for each forum. Candidates in uncontested races will have a chance to tape a statement, and those statements will be combined into a separate program.

Citizens are encouraged to submit questions in advance to the League at by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 25, or deposit those questions in drop boxes at Goodnow Library or the Senior Center between Feb. 11 and Feb. 25.

The forums will be shown on Sudbury TV Channel 8 (Comcast) and Channel 31 (Verizon) and will be repeated frequently before the election. The forums will also be available on the station's website,, as a video-on-demand option.

Sudbury League Policy on Write-in Candidates

The League of Women Voters of Sudbury will include write-in candidates in our annual Candidates' Forum under these conditions:

  • There is a vacant office because no one filed during the official candidate filing period or because a candidate withdrew.
  • A write-in candidate provides written notification to the Town Clerk's office, and/or in the case of the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School Committee, the Lincoln-Sudbury Registrar, of their intention to be a write-in candidate by a deadline date set by the Sudbury League. Note that write-in candidates are not required to file intentions and there is no deadline to be a write-in candidate. This requirement is only to participate in the League's Candidates' Forum.
  • A write-in candidate is making efforts to inform voters of their candidacy, such as a website, Facebook page, letter to editor and/or signs.

The Sudbury League will not include write-in candidates in its Candidates' Forum for offices when there are candidates for those offices who have completed the signature-gathering and filing process. Write-in candidates will be invited to participate in the forum only if there are no candidates for an office after the filing process has closed.

For the 2020 Candidates' Forum, the deadline date for write-in candidates to notify the clerk of their intentions is the end of day Monday, February 24.

February 19, 2020

Candidates for Local Election

The paperwork has been certified and the candidates are official. Here are the candidates who will appear on the ballot.

Submit questions for the candidates in the contested Select Board race to or via the question boxes at Goodnow Library and the Senior Center.

Select Board (1 seat, 3 years) Patricia Brown @PatBrownForSudbury, Charles Russo @RussoForSudbury,

SPS (2 seats, 3 years) Margaret Helon L-S (2 seats, 3 years) Harold H. Engstrom, Lincoln Candace Marie Miller, Sudbury

Board of Assessors (1 seat, 3 years) Liam Vesely

Board of Health (1 seat, 3 years) Susan Sama

Goodnow Library (2 seats, 3 years) Barbara Pryor Ingrid Mayyasi

Park and Rec (1 seat, 3 years) Ben Carmel

Planning Board (1 seat, 3 years) John A. Hincks

Planning Board (1 seat, 1 year) John Robert Sugrue

League Poet reads at State House

Helen Marie Casey, a past president, active member, and published poet, wrote this poem to celebrate the Sudbury League's 50th anniversary. She read the poem at the State House in February at a celebration of the League's 100th anniversary.

                 I was not a willing convert to belief in equal rights for women ... I was at last
                 aroused to the necessity of demanding the ballot for woman.

                                                                                                            Abigail Scott Duniway

The dishes started the journey when she did, April of 1852.
Straw-packed and idle, they bumped across Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming.
They slept deep inside a feathered bed. Reckless, they crossed the Rockies,
wagon wheels complaining of the load. The oxen did their best. Merciless
fever rode deadpan in the wagons. And fear. There were mosquitoes, large
and ravenous. Abigail learned to grieve, her mother and her brother victims
on the trail. Hardship made a home among them consuming cattle, dogs,
now and then a wornout horse. Sometimes shoes, or shawls, gave up.
Graves marked the Overland Trail. They were a sorry lot
when they reached the pines and alders of the Great Northwest.
She taught school before she chose a sweetheart, married him, birthed
six babies, a newspaper, books, ideas with spurs. Abigail Scott Duniway,
suffragist, crossed each mountain in its turn, forded the streams, and lived
to vote. It was not magic, the vote. More like the ornamented dishes: fragile
wealth; functional; wanting to be used; stubborn.

                                                                                                            ©Helen Marie Casey

Time to Join the League of Women Voters!

2020 is the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the founding of the League of Women Voters. We invite you to join us to continue our work for another century. Click here for details on how to join.

You can help in locally in Sudbury at Candidates' Nights, voter registration drives, issues forums, and the civics bee. We plan action as well on domestic violence, gun control, the environments, and other issues.

The Sudbury LWV also contributed to lobbying for legislation at the state level including automatic voter registration, a strong criminal justice reform package, the pregnant workers' fairness act; the ACCESS bill to provide contraceptive coverage without co-pays or deductibles and the repeal of archaic laws targeting abortion and contraception.

Thank you to our supporters